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Meet our satisfied customers – people with different professions and goals, but all of them are united by the idea of a better and healthier lifestyle. And to achieve this, good food is of great importance. People who choose Fit Panther are lawyers, economists, coaches and professional athletes, public figures, models, marketing specialists, and many others who want to live healthily and look good without extra pounds.

Our Mission Is Your Good Health

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Български отбор по художествена гимнастика - клиенти на Здравословна кухня Fit Panther

The Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation (BFHG) thanks to the Fit Panther kitchen, which will take care of the healthy, useful, and appropriate nutrition of the girls from the Rhythmic gymnastics ensemble until the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Fit Panther will provide free of charge to each of the five girls an individual and varied full daily menu – (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), tailored to the diet of each gymnast.

Individual multi-layered organic and superfoods will help girls to eat a balanced and healthy diet, so that their body can withstand training and competition and at the same time, with each serving will receive the necessary nutrients, strictly tailored to the individual needs of each one of them. Thus, a healthy kitchen Fit Panther will maintain the good condition and health of “our golden girls” from the Ensemble, and all menus will be calculated calories and nutritional value, properly selected according to taste preferences and the necessary needs of the girls.

The quality and properly selected food is the basis of a healthy body that maintains a healthy mind, and the nutrition of athletes is a very important part of their comprehensive training in general. Thus, with the invaluable help of Fit Panther, the quality, healthy and healthy nutrition of the girls from the Ensemble will help the overall training and competition regime. We all believe that we will be congratulated with a gold medal from the Olympic Games. Healthy and nutritious food is natural doping for every athlete.

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Many of our clients have proven to themselves that they can win the extra pounds,
others just like to keep their shape well with nutritious and healthy food

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